The Charity Service

The Charity Service is a registered charity [number 1011293] and a company registered in England [number 2538910] which is limited by guarantee.

The Company was formed in 1990 to take over the operation of some of the charitable services which began in Manchester in 1924 and for many years was known as Greater Manchester Charities Aid Fund.

Over the years TCS has built up a large database of charity information and our trustees and staff share considerable knowledge and experience of the charity sector and charity matters.

In 1995 we received Inland Revenue approval to act as an agency charity for payroll-giving purposes.

Our continuing aim is to help to make financial resources available to charities and encourage donors to give in the most effective ways possible.

To see how we cover our running costs see Our Charges or for any other questions please contact us! From June 2008, we added electronic access enabling users of our service to view their accounts over the internet and manage their donations both to their voucher accounts as well as enabling them to direct donations to their chosen charities.

At the same time we are now able to allow charities to add a ‘donate now’ button to their own web sites directing donors through the TCS facilities and allowing donors to use their Charity Service account or make a donation direct by secure credit card.

For more information please contact us

The Charity Service, Saint Thomas Centre, Ardwick Green North, Manchester, M12 6FZ

Telephone: 0303 999 1212

Fax: 0303 999 1213